Report on Asuu
Lectures or Strike FG decide now
No turning back I said and I repeat no going back Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge outcried.
APC blasts FG over lingering ASUU strike
the party said no government worth its
salt can afford to play with education, because it is
the path to national development.
It said ASUU was not making any fresh demand
beyond the agreement it reached with the
government in 2009, adding: ”Agreements are
meant to be honoured, and breaching them comes
with some consequences.”
APC said the ongoing strike which had kept students
in public universities at home for many weeks was a
further blow to the country’s education system,
which, according to it had deteriorated so much that
no Nigerian university “is currently listed in the top
100 universities in the world and only a few Nigerian
universities have made the top 100 in Africa.”
‘The party stated further that, “The 87 billion naira
that ASUU is demanding represents earned
allowances hence cannot be renegotiated.
Education is the key to national development. This
is why UNESCO has recommended an allocation of
at least 26% of national budgets to that critical
sector. Therefore, talking about national growth and
development without adequately funding education
is a pipe dream!” the APC said.
Good morning and have a wonderful day

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