Obadare’s Burial Gulped N96m —Son 

Expenses incurred during the burial of the late Apostle Timothy Obadare of the World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry, WOSEM, was a whopping N96 million, according to his eldest son, Pastor Paul Obadare.
But observers believe N96 million was too huge an amount to be spent on the burial of a humble man of God such as Obadare.
Most of the clergymen contacted this morning refused to speak on the amount spent on the burial which is believed to be too high for  man who lived a modest life devoid of flamboyance and ostentation.
They rather preferred to remain quiet, saying their response may stir more controversies.
Obadare, a blind seer, was buried last weekend at Ilesa, Osun State, western Nigeria. Funeral ceremony brought thousands of Nigerians together irrespective of their religion.
The Osun State Government released N35 million for the event, but Obadare’s son said what the family spent was far more than that amount.
He said the casket in which the corpse was buried was procured with N5 million. Apart from this, he said, N61 million was spent on the construction a mausoleum, the final resting place of the late seer, while another N30 million was spent on entertainment.
While commending the Osun State Government for the donation, he said the money given by the state government was part of the amount spent. He said many other people contributed to the burial.

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