EKSU VC Reveals Education Cooperation With Ghana

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ekiti State University, Professor Patrick Oladipo Aina has expressed the need to foster educational cooperation between EKSU and some Ghanaian Universities. He made the statement while interacting with a group of journalists during the visit of some members of the Governing Council of the University to the President of Republic of Ghana, Dr John Dramani Mahama.

According to Professor Aina, such cooperation would include students’ exchanges in areas of strict academic and professional relevance as well as presentation of academic papers amongst its academic staff. In his view, this would go a long way in integrating and strengthening the educational sectors of the two countries while emphasizing that such cooperation was long overdue. Reflecting on the Nigerian Educational development, the Vice-Chancellor noted that there was need for Universities in Nigeria to properly educate the Nigerian youths for national development.

He was of the opinion that the present educational system as being delivered, does not give the Nigerian students the right mindset for National value orientation, growth and development.

He further expressed his worries on how the so called graduates of Nigerian Universities could not properly study, analyze, proffer solutions and rightly apply their findings for the development of the nation. According to Professor Aina, our society must henceforth re-orientate its teeming youth population towards cultivating right values required for national development. Also, Professor Aina urged political leaders to redirect the populace for national development by legislating right laws which promote educational and national development as obtained in other climes.

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