Arik stowaway finally returns home

Following the agitation for his release from concerned citizens, the teenage stowaway Daniel Ihekhina has been sent home.

Daniel’s return to Benin was confirmed by his mother, Mrs. Evelyn Ihekhina. Mrs. Ihekhina informed reporters in Benin of the development saying that she got a call from an MTN line this morning inviting her to the state Ministry of Women of Affairs.

 She reportedly said:

“I went to the office and was told that my child has been taken to the Directorate of State Services (SSS). I went there and saw Daniel.”

“But they (SSS) did not allow me to touch or greet him, but he was looking good.

Ihekhina said that after a short session with the SSS, she was asked her to go and wait at the Ministry of Women Affairs.

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