PDP crisis: Jonathan will not accept unreasonable terms – Presidency

The Presidency has said that in as much as President Goodluck Jonathan was committed to timely resolution of the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party, he would object to all unreasonable terms.

The Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak, in an interview with PUNCH advised the aggrieved governors to concentrate on governance and stop overheating the polity.

The aide said that conditions such as the governors calingl on the President to stop the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission from probing them was ridiculous and unheard of, saying the President would not accept such.

He also said Jonathan welcomes the peace moves initiated by former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Speaking further, Gulak said, “The President as the leader of the party has no objection to any peace move either from inside or outside. He encourages peace talks; he prefers solving disagreement through dialogue. He believes in peace.

“President Jonathan has no reason to believe that Chief Obasanjo is behind the governors. Obasanjo is there as a father and as an elder statesman. That is the belief of the President.

Gulak said the governors are mature enough and can take decisions.

“The President won’t point accusing fingers at anybody. What we are concerned about is that these governors should concentrate on governance in their states and stop overheating the polity because we know that all these moves are about 2015 election.

On the declaration of the seats of lawmakers sympathetic to the splinter group vacant, Gulak noted that the party has already made its position known.

“The President is not the one running the party. Members of the party’s NWC are independent-minded people who have the mandate to run the party.

“They should be allowed to run the affairs of the party. We will be running away from the fact if we say that the party cannot run its affairs.

“I read about one of the conditions reportedly being given by the governors that the President should stop the EFCC from investigating them. How can the President stop the EFCC from doing its job? That is ridiculous, it is unheard of. The EFCC is independent, the President cannot do that.

“What has peace moves got to do with EFCC? Agencies of government cannot be stopped from doing their work. Stopping EFCC means that the President can also stop the army, police, navy and others from doing their works. If that happens, what will people say? he quipped

“It is not true that the President is not ready to discuss with Governor Amaechi. Peace move is all inclusive, depending on reasonable and acceptable terms.”

Reacting, Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, maintained that neither he nor any of his colleagues in the new Peoples Democratic Party has made any unreasonable demand.

Speaking through his Director of Press, Ahmad Sajo, Nyako said: “What we are asking for is simple. All the decisions that were taken that were arbitrary or in breach of the constitution must be reversed and constitutional order restored within the PDP. This is the minimum we ask.

“The sanctity of the constitution must be respected once they do that; there will be no crisis in the PDP.

“I don’t see what is unreasonable about this demand because even the President will not be President if there is no constitutional order.

“I don’t think the President will say a return to constitutional order is unreasonable.

“All we are saying is that the breach of the constitution must be reversed and subsequent decisions should be taken in accordance with the party’s constitution and the constitution of the land. If they do that, there will be no crisis.

“Anywhere there is a crisis, there is a breach of law, why do they breach the law, it is because of self interest.

“I don’t think asking the President to compel the National Chairman of PDP to act in tandem with the constitution of the party is unreasonable.”

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