INTERVIEW of a great upcoming Artist : C E GUYS

funnyollys blog

funnyollys blog

INTERVIEW of a great upcoming Artist : C E GUYS

Funnyollys : can I meet u guyz?

C-E GUYZ : C-E GUYZ is an artist which is handle by two guys,CODED GUY and EASY BOI.

Funnyollys : how is music industry?

C-E GUYZ : Music industry is just very interesting to say

Funnyollys : can u tell me your best collaboration?

C-E GUYZ : we have feature so many artist all over the world and we are tanking God that we are here today and feature seriki(omo owo) produce by cheepho on the beat.

Funnyollys : how long have you been in music industry?

C-E GUYZ : hmmmmmmm, jst from 1999 – Till date

Funnyollys : How has the journey been?

C-E GUYZ : The road seems to be somehow rough,but thank God we are here today

Funnyollys : Did you study music in school or you had an informal training?

C-E GUYZ : hmmmmm,we never go to any music school,just that we have the talent,and we trying to develop the talent.

Funnyollys : So tell us about your new project

C-E GUYZ : we are working on our album now of @ least 19 tracks,and we pray God help us on it….IJN

Funnyollys : so tell us what you have for people that are still coming up?

C-E GUYZ : well,all we can just tell them is to put God first in everything they are doing

Funnyollys : Thank u so much for your time. We wish you the best in your endeavour

C-E GUYZ : Amen oooooooooo

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