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Religious leaders and politics

Considering the widespread poverty and corruption in the country, should religious leaders seek political positions? Here are some comments from

10 cent: Their religious beliefs won’t change anything. They are just like every other Nigerian. So it won’t make any difference. Corruption and politics in religious organisations is not different from what obtains in secular or national politics.  So it is the same thing all the way.

Passing Shot: Our current state as a country has deteriorated to this unfortunate level because many of our religious leaders have in one way or the other dabbled into politics and they are no longer fit or qualified to situate things in their proper perspectives.

Religious leaders are supposed to serve as guides to the politicians. To do otherwise is tantamount to having a directionless political class as we have today in Nigeria. My take is that any religious leader who is still interested in upholding and fighting for truth, fairness and justice should not seek any elective position.

Otss: They are in politics already; we have them as commissioners, House of Assembly members, and even special assistants and advisers. But we have yet to see their contributions.

PDP’s ‘minor disagreement’

President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly described the lingering crises within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, which led to the emergence of a faction of the party, as a minor disagreement.


 Jimmy Choo Metosibha: Smart politician… No sane politician will tell his/her political rival that his/her party/camp is in total disarray, even if it’s obvious for all to see.

 Mansur Yahaya: No cause for alarm. Their unity or disunity does not affect poor Nigerians. The entire political system in Nigeria needs total overhauling, whether we like it or not. The bitter truth is that no country is more important to us than Nigeria!

My Country: Nigerian leaders are comedians. May be we need to organise comedy show for them, so we can understand them clearly. This is because it seems these people are just making fun of their fellow citizens.

 I believe if the public offices are made less attractive, our so-called politicians will stop their drama and focus on providing basic infrastructure that is needed in the country, such as electricity, good roads, security etc. If these people provide these important things for the citizenry, nobody will care about PDP, New PDP or APC. and

 Nigerians’ love for Italy

Reports say Italian coast guards have rescued more than 700 migrants and refugees, including Nigerians, from four troubled boats off the coast of Sicily, who were trying to reach Italy by sea.

Comments: (

Osama: Why won’t they risk their lives for a better tomorrow when the government is busy thinking of elections holding in 2015 at this time? No jobs, no good roads, no electricity, no security, poor educational system, poor health care infrastructure and others too numerous to mention. Basically what do we benefit from the Nigerian government? The quality of life in Nigeria is zero.

Skyfall: Nigerians are not patriotic. Rather than fight for their freedom, they keep running all over the place. If those Europeans had run away would they have a country to call their own?

Aggrippa: It is not their fault; they are only trying to survive. The government, family, society, friends, and the church have failed them.

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