Activists Protest Negligence Of Education Carrying Caskets In Lagos

Caskets-carrying activists on Tuesday converged on Lagos to protest what they described as the poor standard of educational system in Nigeria.

The activists explained that the protest was informed by the “lackadaisical attitude” which some states and the Federal governments had towards the issue of education in the country.

While chanting abusive songs at the two prominent political parties in the country-All Progressive Congress and Peoples Democratic Party- the activists said the country present leaders had failed to represent the interest of the citizens.

National Coordinator, Concerned Human Right Nigeria, Mr. Declan Iheraire, who spoke on behalf of the activists, lamented that public funds were not adequately utilized for their purposes.

He said, “We are gathered to showcase two caskets depicting the wickedness of those against the masses. One casket is for PDP while the second is Action Congress of Nigeria, now All Progressives Congress. You need not to wonder, but be rest assured that these political parties have ways of affecting us positively or negatively.

“We looked at the negative impact of these two parties in recent times and make our demand as it affects our public education. The Lagos State Government representing APC increased its university’s fees astronomically from N25, 000 to about N350, 000 against the wishes of the people.

“On the PDP-led Federal Government, the current administration is aiming at total extinction of public education in Nigeria. What is difficult in honoring a common agreement duly reached and signed with Academic Staff Union of Universities to better the public tertiary education in Nigeria?”

The activists, subsequently, issued a seven day ultimatum to both the Lagos State Government and the Federal Government to reverse the Lagos State University school fee and release the funds needed by ASUU respectively.

They also threatened to “bury” the two parties by preventing them from winning elections if the educational system was not improved.

Iheraire added, “We call on stakeholders in the APC to heed our request. At the expiration of seven days, if there is no reduction, we shall start preparation to bury APC for good as we have secured a grave for its final burial.

“We have also bought a casket for the PDP, secured a grave and only waiting to bury it after seven days. Enough is enough to the poor handling of public education sector by both PDP and APC.”

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