Principal And 8 Teachers Sacked For Aiding Examination Malpractice In Lagos

The Lagos state government, in western Nigeria has compulsorily retired nine officers including a school Principal, his vice and other senior teachers over examination malpractice.

The examination malpractice was committed during the last May/June West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE).

The affected officers are Mr. S. O Amure, School Principal on GL 17, Mr. V. A Joseph- the Vice-Principal on GL 16, Mr K.E Ogunleye, the Mathematics teacher on GL 15, Mr. A. I Banjoko, the Examination supervisor on GL 12, Mrs. L. D Akinterinwa on GL 15, Mr. A. O Araba on GL 15, Mr. V. O Towoshe on GL 14, Mr. S.I Oladipupo and Assistant Examination Supervisor on GL 08.

The Officers, who are staffers of the State’s Senior Model College, Igbogbo, Ikorodu, were found guilty of aiding and abetting the students to cheat during examination on Mathematics.

All the officers were found culpable for offences ranging from dereliction of duty, failure to monitor the examination, directly assisting in solving questions, abandoning the hall and classrooms where they were supposed to invigilate, according to a statement by Lateef Ibirogba, the commissioner for information.

The statement said that a probe by West African Examination Council (WAEC) Officials show that the officers deliberately abandoned the examination hall during the examination in an attempt to give the students an opportunity to cheat.

The WAEC probe not only found on the students several incriminating evidence, but also presented recorded tape that confirmed the culpability of the officers.

Ibirogba noted that the decision would serve as deterrent to other officers in the State Civil Service, saying the government would not Condon any act of fraud in the system.

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