Know your collars

There are actually different collar types that come with the different shirts we wear and that is why men want to choose the appropriate collar for everyday or special-occasion .Each of these collar types play a part in the fit of your shirt and how formal, or casual, you want to dress for the occasion.

Button-down collar

The most conservative look. Shirts with this type of collar are considered more casual than other types of dress shirt collars. This is generally fashioned from softer fabric and pressed with a smaller amount of starch, and is characterized by the buttons and button-holes at the tips of the collar. Regardless of the buttons, the collar tends to bulge outward during the day, so keep an eye on it.

Tab collar

This features a higher collar and a smaller spread, this will look best on men with long necks. These have a tab that comes beneath the area where a tie is worn, to hold the collar points together and raise the tie into a slight arch. It is best worn for ultra-traditional occasions such as weddings and funerals. Use a tight four-in-hand knot; nothing else fits correctly under the collar.

Spread collar

The collar is cut to form a longer, wider angle, spreading out and away from the typical standard collar. This type of dress shirt collar provides a different visual impression to slim and compliment round-shaped faces. If you have a round face, a spread collar is probably not a wise choice; it will make your face look even rounder.

Straight collar

This is the most common shirt collar, with the greatest variations in length. It is V-shaped and matches most face shapes. It has a rectangular profile, without any widening of the fabric. It complements almost any countenance except an exceptionally long, thin face.

British Spread collar

An extra-wide, virtually horizontal spread between points makes this the most formal type of collar. Once again, the tie knot of choice is the half-Windsor. Also, same caveat as above regarding round faces.

Club collar

This is also popular in another name—rounded collar. The club collar is short, with rounded tips and looks fashionable for any dress shirt.

Pinned collar

The high collar bears a resemblance to the tab collar, in that there is an object holding the points of the collar, in this case a pin rather than a fabric and button tab. In addition, a pinned collar features a straight pin responsible for fastening the two points together. A pin may be used on any collar, although they are redundant wherever collar stays, tabs, or bars are used.


• Keep in mind that the dress shirt collars should match your face shape. For instance, men with narrow faces can look really good if they wear narrow collars with pointed tips.

• The various pigments and hues of the collar are just as important as the style. Collars also come in themes so pick out one that flatters your hair, eye colours and everything else you’re wearing.

 • Make sure what you wear matches; Wearing something like a Christmas tie may not be the smartest even if they are in season because they are likely to have reds and greens. One can assume these would look out of place on your monochrome suit.

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