LADIES : Hairstyles for body shapes

Every one has a unique body shape. We are all shaped differently and have to consider this when choosing our clothes, colours and most especially hairstyles

Knowing your body shape is not only good for determining what type of dress you should wear, but to see which hair style suits you.

Slim and straight:

Do: Add body and curves to your hair by going for medium length, wavy or curly hairstyles, to add femininity to this body type. Long bangs and layers also flatter.

Don’t: Don’t follow the big hair trend or your hair will look off on your body.

Same goes for too long, too straight and sleek hair as it will only make your thinness stand out more. Too short or spiky hair can make you look too masculine when you frame is boyish.

Curvy and full:

Do: Layers look great on you when it’s medium length. An angled look will camouflage extra pounds while side parts and bangs will complement your curves.

Don’t: Don’t wear short hair or hair that is too close to the head, the same goes for long and very full hair. Big curls and afros with lots of height and width that stop at shoulder-length are also a no-go for you.


Do: Loose, smooth and neat hair will make you look professional. Medium to short length hair with layers, angles and height at the top will do you wonders.

Don’t: Don’t go overboard, too short hairstyles will make your head look too small and hair that is too long will overpower your figure. Avoid high ponytails, braids and pigtail-like hairstyles if you don’t want to be labeled as ‘cute.’

Tall and athletic

Do:  Your body type works best with most hairstyles so keep on experimenting to get your perfect look.

Don’t:  Ponytails should be reserved for gym visit, instead, go for feminine styles with length and waves.

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