5 Things You Can Learn From Being Single

1. You really can do things by yourself. Household chores like doing laundry, grocery shopping and cooking are often things that couples do together. After all, you share dirty clothes and you do eat together in the same home. This creates a sense of dependence and unfortunately many of us can lose ourselves in this. During a breakup, we re-learn how to do these things on our own. It may seem difficult at first (since you’ve been so used to it being a two person job) but it is definitely not impossible and will become normal once again.

2. Healthy eating habits can still be a part of your lifestyle. Ever notice how many couples (not all, obviously) gain weight when they get together? One of the things that people share over is food and drinks. For some reason the table gives us a sense of safety when socializing and communicating. Even astronauts in space who do not need tables, have tables in order to create a comfortable and safe space to share and socialize. Being single allows us to focus in on what we really want and when we want to eat. No more asking “what are you in the mood to eat?” or having late night dessert binges just to go out and talk.

3. Rediscover your friendships and make new ones. During the honeymoon phase of relationships, our passions and emotions get so wrapped up in the other person that nobody else exists for those moments. Going out with friends automatically turns into a +1 event and sometimes we forget that we can have our own sets of friends as well. As a single person, it is much easier to go out with your friends whenever you want to. Say goodbye to having to plan around someone else’s schedule.

4. The fresh air in your lungs is refreshing. Domesticity. What a concept! Staying indoors, cuddling in bed, taking care of responsibilities, or staying in and watching a movie together instead of going out for a walk or catching up with friends. Single-hood forces us to get out of the house. Depending on the person, this may take some time, but eventually going outside of the front door is inevitable and will begin to be enjoyable again. Remember to appreciate that fresh air in your lungs and the sun that for millennia has continued to rise without fail.

5. You time! You are not your ex-significant other. You have your own interests, hobbies, friends and opinions. Long term relationships frequently have a side effect of forgetting who you are. If you have never had the time to figure out who you are as a person that stands alone, it is never too late to start.

When we all work on ourselves and get to know us a little better, the world around us seems more at peace. We understand that we do not need to be what somebody else hopes or wants us to be. We choose our battles wisely and can remove ourselves from toxic situations. Being single can be a blessing in disguise. Whether or not you choose to see it as a positive or negative circumstance is up to you. Nobody else creates your future but you.

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