9 Tips on How to Keep Your Man Happy

Keeping a man happy is a great way to keep him around for the rest of your life? To find out how you can keep your man happy, Continue reading 

What are some tips for women on making their man happy?

1. Be his # 1 fan
Every guy, even those who appear to be strong and independent, needs to know and feel that his lady believes in him. The truth is men are stronger and
better able to meet challenges when they have your support, your encouragement, and have you in their

2. You have the right to complain, but please don’t criticize.
There is a difference between
complaining and criticizing that needs to really be understood. A complaint focuses on a specific issue, is void of attacks on personality or character, a
direct expression of anger or displeasure, and focuses on a behavior to be changed. On the other hand, a criticism is global (not focused on one
issue) contains blame, and attacks the person versus the behavior. Criticism does not show respect or love and will break down the relationship.

3. Don’t be afraid to let him know you need him.
When you show your vulnerability, that you need your man on the deepest level, it reinforces the bond between the two of you and strengthens the emotional connection. Men receive a lot of
satisfaction and joy when they are able to provide safety, security and in knowing that their love is good enough.

4. Be clear and direct with your wants, needs, and desires.
When you want to communicate with your man, be direct with what it is you would like to see. Keep it simple, direct, and don’t fall into the trap of hinting because guys are dense and do not get the subtle clues.

5. Machismo versus sensitivity.
There are a lot of guys who have a hard and brittle outside with a soft, loving, and sensitive inside. If you are having problems engaging and connecting
with your man it may be due socialization or hi sdefense mechanism. Men are taught to be strong,
not show emotion, and that doing so is a sign of weakness. Like women, men need to feel safe if they are to show vulnerability. They need to know
they will not be judged, viewed as weak, and that they will be accepted. You can encourage him to open up by reassuring him of your love, support, and care.

6. No fear
The truth is men do have fear. What I have learned is that some of men’s greatest relationship fears are that they will not be good enough and that they will be viewed as disappointing to those who mean the most. These are rejection fears that will often cause a man to shut down and disconnect. You can respond to these with love, sensitivity, reassurance, and acceptance.

7. ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.’
When you see your man transforming into a beast keep in mind this simple rule: Where there is anger, there is hurt. Men have been taught that anger is the one emotion that is socially acceptable to display. When you see your guy react defensively know that he’s probably hurt, sad, feeling rejected, or some other deeper emotion.

8. All you need is love.
Love is the greatest force in the universe and it has the power to transform and heal. Tell him every day how much you love him and how much his love means to you and to your family. Remember that love is patient, kind, keeps no records of wrongs, protects, hopes, perseveres, and is not self-seeking.

9. Show appreciation to your man.
Here are a few ways to show appreciation: 1. Buy him an iPAD. 2. Keep yourself healthy. 3. Wear what he Likes. 4. Make his favorite meal. 5. Set time aside to do something that he enjoys.

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