Secure Your Blackberry Using Blackberry Protect App

This is the first Articles am writing on Blackberry security, I will take my time to make it cool and simple like i normally do for Other

Secure your Blackberry Phones with BlackBerry Protect . BlackBerry Protect is a free application  designed to keep your information secure even if your BlackBerry smartphone goes missing. If you do subscribed to the Internet regularly, you can download BlackBerry Protect and then log into the website where you can Lock, Locate or Wipe your smartphone from wherever you are i.e Maybe you Lost your Blackberry phone, You can delete all the Files on it without Touching it or seeing it. You can Back-up your Important Files to the Internet Automatically depending on how you want it {Monthly, Weekly and Daily} depending on how important the Files are to you!
Blackberry Protect helps to Backup your Phone Content such as Contacts, Calendar, Memos, Tasks, Browser bookmarks, Photos, Sound and Text messages to Blackberry Online Server and you can also Track your Phone and do other Stuff when you lose your Phone! God Forbid, lol…..

1. Visit this Page to Download Blackberry Protect App, Login to your Blackberry Account to do so, or Register if you don’t have a blackberry account, its easy and simple.
2. After Registering an Account, then Login and Download the App either via your Blackberry phone or via PC using Blackberry App Manager to Install it to your Phone, Now Configure the Blackberry Protect using the Right Information.
3. You can now Backup your Files and also Protect your Blackberry so that when anything happens you can Track and do anything on your Phones to keep you Secure.

Just Play around with the Application, do anything you want to and dont forget to use the ID you used in downloading the Application to configure the Application.

If after Installing Blackberry Protect on you Phone, then you Lost it, Do just this..
1. Go to and Login with your Blackberry ID.
2. Locate it on the Map.
3. Set a password and lock it to protect your information
4. Wipe all the contents.
5. Then make it Display a message on the home-screen instructing whoever finds it on how to return it using the online tools
Even if you Got a New Blackberry Phone, You can Log in to the Above Website, Click on Backup & Restore and Download the Backup to your New Phone and continue from where you Stop!

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