House Of Reps Approves Insurance For NYSC Members Against Death And Serious Injuries During Official Duty

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that out of the 19 clauses contained in the report of the ad-hoc committee on the review of the 1999 Constitution, only the impeachment clause did not scale through.

The one that scaled through as regards our concern is the approveal of an insurance policy for NYSC members against death and serious injury during official duty.

This will go along way to further buttress what the NYSC stands for as it will allow the corps members to serve their country without fear in any part of the country they are posted to for service.

The Deputy Speaker, Mr Emeka Ihedioha, described the successful voting on outstanding bills on the constitution review as a triumph of democracy. He said that the feat was the resolve of the house to always put national interest above all other considerations.

Ihedioha, who is also the Chairman of the House adhoc Committee on the Review of the Constitution, noted that members had put behind them individual, political and ethnic differences to vote on the clauses.

With This, At least for once, Let’s hail Our Law makers!!!

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