Effects Of Falling In Love

Like the love songs like to say over and over again, love can make you go crazy. However, most people believe it is all just lyrics from a great artiste, but the truth is, love does make people act different, strange and totally unlike themselves when they are around their new object of interest.

Psychologists have found that the brain in a state of mental illness and the brain in a state of love “show a considerable overlap”. This goes to explain the actions you exhibit when you have just fallen in love with someone, you know actions like, constantly checking your phone every one minute(or less) to know if he/she has replied your last ping/text, keeping the ticket from your first date and every other action that’s totally not you.

These actions aren’t the only things you do when you have just fallen in love, other things include allowing the green eyed monster into your life. The green eyed monster aka jealousy is exhibited in different ways by different sexes. But whatever the way it is exhibited, this monster becomes a huge part of you when you fall in love.

You begin to act like a little child when you’re around this person, everything he says is over the top funny and everything she does is cute. Your friends tell you you’re acting different but even you can’t see how different you’ve become.

Your heart begins to race, you now ditch your hobbies for time with this new person and you can plan your entire day around the person if you had the chance. The effect he/she is having on you is strong and if anyone ask you, you don’t want it to go!

According to Cosmo magazine UK, With all romance comes ups and downs, but beyond the emotional heartache, love can cause serious long-term damage to your body. Professor Martin Cowie from Imperial College says, ‘Our bodies are constantly going through a rollercoaster of emotions and love has some very obvious physical effects.’ All of the traits mentioned send us, and our bodies, into a frenzy. ‘Large amounts of adrenaline running through our system can cause problems for the body,’ adds Professor Cowie.

But who cares about that right? Love is a beautiful feeling and all the medical nonsense can take a hike!

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