BREAKING NEWS : China To Build 77-mile, £22 Billion World’s Longest Tunnel

Chinese engineers have unveiled plans to build the world’s longest tunnel. At 77 miles, the Dalian-Yantai tunnel on the country’s eastern coast will save travellers an eight-hour ferry ride or 900-mile road trip.

The £22 billion project could start within a couple of years, with completion scheduled for 2026.

These are the plans for China 77-mile tunnel that, at a cost of £22billion, will be the longest in the world

The first proposal for the undersea link was made in 1994 but it has been stuck in the planning stages ever since. The world’s longest undersea tunnel, the Seikan in Japan, opened in 1988 after more than two decades of construction. The Channel tunnel is 31 miles long.
 Engineers will submit a blueprint to the government by April for the tunnel and work could start as early as 2015 or 2016, the China Daily newspaper reported yesterday.

The tunnel will run from the port city of Dalian in northeastern Liaoning province to Yantai city in eastern Shandong, slashing travel time to 40 minutes.

At present, the journey between the cities is a 1,400-km (870 miles) drive or an eight-hour ferry ride, the China Daily said.

China announced plans in 1994 to build the tunnel, at a cost of $10 billion, with completion set before 2010.

But 20 years on, the project remains stuck in the planning stage. The project has been proposed at the annual session of China’s parliament every year since 2009, the newspaper said.

Wang Mengshu, a tunnel and rail expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said the estimated cost of the tunnel would be 220 billion yuan, the China Daily reported. Work on a feasibility report could take two or three years, Wang said.

In July, a state-run newspaper, quoting Wang, estimated the costs at 260 billion yuan.

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