SPORT – #NUGA2014Updates: Face Off Between OAU Student And UNIPORT Student In Awo Hall

Justice Onyecachi

Justice Onyecachi

As the 24th biannual Nigerian university games continues in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Justice Onyecachi, a participant from the University of Portharcourt was arrested by the students of the host University for beating their fellow student..
Today, at around 10am, students gathered at students security room in Awolowo hall, O. A. U to assure justice to the unfair beating of their fellow. School securities were present at the scenario and other respected dignitaries came to settle the uproar. The victim claimed that he was beating unjustly. He said that he was coming from Ibadan and decided to pick some of his things but was questioned about his identity, he replied by saying that he was part of the students that allowed them to enter into Awolowo hall and he had equal right as they do but he was denied entrance. After his denial, he said that some of the Uniport students in the room claimed that some people stole their properties and it could be him. After few moments of arguments, he said he was dragged into the room, he was slapped and punched in the face. He later shouted for help. Some students came to his rescue.

After much deliberations for more than an hour, the resolution was that an apology letter was to be written from the guiltier to the victim, residents and school managements.

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