Dr. Daniel Olukoya- MFM : How To Choose A Life Partner”

Being quotes from a message, Choosing A Life Partner, by Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFMM) as delivered at a youth church.

– Some people want to get married only so they can have sex. 5 hours. Then you marry someone who can’t keep up.
– Some marry because they want to be married. Do you become a soldier because you like the uniform? Or a lawyer cos of the wig?
– Stop joining bridal trains if you feel it is putting you under pressure. Don’t do again
– When you write down a year you must be married by, anxiety turns to agitation, then to panic, & then you marry a panic husband
– Some people rush into marriage so they won’t get jilted again. When I see people like that though, I congratulate them because God has delivered them from evil, from the person who isn’t theirs
– Stop joining bridal trains if you feel it is putting you under pressure. Don’t do again
– When you write down a year you must be married by, anxiety turns to agitation, then to panic, & then you marry a panic husband
– People marry for money, forgetting that money can buy bed/food/wedding but not sleep/appetite/a good marriage
– Sisters – I want someone who will carry my load, who will pamper me, I must marry a pilot. You end up with trouble
– Some people marry as an escape route from the troubles with their parents. From frying pan to fire
– Don’t marry out of pity, because you have been given a sob story and (maybe) the person is crying
– Some people marry with foolish expectations. Like, ‘I will convert him’. Did you convert/save yourself? Recipe for trouble
– Marrying for outward beauty or handsomeness is like buying a house just because the paint looks good
– Some people get married because of an unplanned pregnancy. It doesn’t mean you should bury your destiny there
– Some say, ‘I must marry from my town/village’ so any human being who comes from the area, you say ‘I do’ to
– Finally, some people get married to get at/hurt their folks. They do it to make good on a threat, or prove a point

– Baby husbands – compares, is underdeveloped spiritually & mentally. Will reject food because he’s angry, keeps malice
– Parasite husband – does absolutely nothing. Will say, ‘men don’t wash clothes or cook
– Panadol husband – exploits the wife to solve his problems, especially financially. Marrying for passport kind of people
– The Dry Husband – no intimacy, no closeness. Difficult to talk to, always giving orders, talks down on the woman in public
– General husband – has a chain of girl friends and concubines. Literally for ‘everyone’, will chase anything
– The slave master husband – believes the woman is a cook, cleaner, laundry operative, and baby making machine only
– Acidic husband – The abuser. No jokes or fun in the home, reduces the house to a war zone/military camp
– Bachelor husband – live in separate rooms, prefer to spend all day with his friends than a minute with his wife
– Mini husband – only excel in bedroom and dining table activities. They don’t provide or do any chores in the house
– Hard husband – cannot be corrected, will beat, no respect for the woman, difficult to live with, uncaring

– Grandmother wife – completely ancient in thoughts, deeds, and appearance. No romance, ties a wrapper to bed
– Office wife – is happier at work than at home, leaves all home functions to nannies and maids
– Acidic wife – caustic tongue, can inspire suicide with the things they say, can stay moody for days
– The Aide-de-camp wife – has zero tolerance for any other woman working with/around her husband
– Dustbin wife – extremely dirty & unorganised – the entire house is always in disarray
– Pampered wife – unrealistic, doesn’t want to be scolded (or she may break down), wants to be treated like she was in her father’s house
– Party wife – only interested in pleasure, unavailable every weekend
– Headmistress wife – richer than the man, she combines that power with arrogance and pride to torment the man
– The boxing partner wife – no submission, constant contest for leadership. Has a timetable of chores for the man
– The Dictionary wife – does not welcome any opinions, must do as she pleases, have her way.

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