(18+) 5 Rules for First Time sex

funnyollys blog

funnyollys blog

s*x is a beautiful thing and it is vital for any marriage to survive. it brings about emotional and physical bond. However, s*x is worth waiting for and it is best to wait till you are married. Here are 5 rules for first time s*x;

1. Mutual consent is required. In addition to this rule there are others that must be present
– Mutual consent is required. okay you or she do not, what’s the point? Remember that we are not using the other as object, we must be loving. It is right that one of the two try things because the other person likes to do that, but they must be prior, and not imposed by force.

2. Absolute respect is mandatory. The great respect is mandatory. Respect means that you are aware of what the other person wants. You are ready to discover what they are capable both in s*xual matters. Your lover may have been damaged psychologically or emotionally from past relationships he had.
In fact, in most cases almost all were disappointed once. At the other end may have experienced s*xual abuse as children. They may feel insecure about their se*uality. They may have low self-esteem as a lover. Can be quite inexperienced in s*xual technique.
You must be extremely patient and sensitive to the limits of their se*uality. Therefore, respecting your partner and give the time necessary to make you feel right at his side.

3.The mutual care is required. Care is required. Love is always given and received as a gift. s*x without love can be great s*x, but if you add s*x care can become a warmth that connects two hearts and souls.
This is s*x beyond technique. s*x with two lovers care becomes full. s*x with love from the fans overwhelmed. Care to connect the s*xual movements to achieve the creation of a deeper spiritual connection.
Most men want an emotional connection and most will welcome a more spiritual experience of s*x, but are scared and do not yet know how. Most women need an emotional connection instead as input for a s*x carefully.

4.Open and honest communication is mandatory. Chivalry is used as required, and “rude” is used as mutually desired. With mutual consent anything is fine. But it is usually best to start with more gentleness and more impetuous progress slowly, and so you learn what they want and in turn what you would like it. Many women are passionate and “playful” as they feel secure. But if you have not established a high degree of confidence with it, “wild” may end prematurely with what might have been a passionate s*xual relationship and long term.

5.The kindness and chivalry are the norm, and what? Wild? is allowed if mutually agreed Open and honest communication is mandatory. Talk about s*x. Say what you like and what does not. A good way to do this is to offer options A and B and ask what she likes best partner. This prevents damage to fragile egos that young men are as likely as they learn to be lovers.
If a man listens? I do not like that??, It’s easy to feel you’re hurting your family and that can make withdraw, get angry or react otherwise inappropriate. But if you give to your partner, for example, the choice between touching her br**sts in one way or another, and asked what was best for her, you will not hurt your ego and learn faster like it. Thus a common lover becomes a great lover.

If you need to stimulate their imagination to know what to try, read any of several manuals available in bookshops love. And then use some of the techniques explained here to discover the preferences of his wife.

Once you consider honest with their attitudes then you can move comfortably in the physical aspects of love: as the act in question, the previous game, the game moments later and all juicy having s*x.

East is an ancient tradition called? Warrior lover? Where the man is prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally for? Great battle?. This is not for dominating or defeating your lover but to bring the best in both and reach new heights in se*uality.

The idea of creating the right ambience for lovemaking may seem artificial or calculated, but there is also a great lover of art. A secluded, candles, good music, good wine, a special meal, clean sheets may sound like a trite scene from an old movie but still work. Women love to be adored and creating a special place to love them shows that you love her too.

Know that foreplay is very important to take a woman to s*xual satisfaction. It can get to wake up the passion and take it to the peak of his desire.

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