Must Read: Expert Tips on How to Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

What you must know
The v**ina is a self-cleaning area of your body. However, it does need some help from you to keep it cleaner. Here is what you must know:

Remember that it is a very sensitive area. Clean it gently with warm water.
Avoid using shampoos and soaps, as they contain chemicals that hamper the natural protective pH balance of the v**ina. Special pH balancing vaginal washes are available in the market, which should be used.
Avoid using deodorants and talcum powders as they can cause irritation. Do not be embarrassed about the natural vaginal smell. It is peculiar to each woman and is due to the sweat glands present at the vaginal opening. Cleaning the area with water and patting dry with toilet paper, everytime you use the toilet, will keep away odour. If you do notice a strange difference in the smell, similar to a fishy odour, it is best to consult your gynaecologist. It can be a sign of an infection.
Make sure to wear comfortably-fitting (not too tight) cotton panties after patting the skin dry.
Make sure you handwash your underwear separately. Soaking it along with other clothes highly increases the chances of bacterial infection.
Do take care to change your sanitary napkins or tampons every 3-4 hours. Bacteria can quickly multiply in napkins worn for longer time periods. Also, during your periods, make sure to keep the private part area extra clean with clinically recommended feminine washes.

Hair removal woes
Pubic hair keeps the private parts warm and decreases friction during intercourse. But you need to keep the pubic area clean and bacteria-free, the hair needs trimming or removal. Here is what you must keep in mind:
You can trim the pubic hair regularly with a clean pair of scissors.
Stay away from hair removal creams as they often cause allergic reactions and dermatitis.
Shaving can cause cuts or bruises which are an easy gateway for germs and infection.
Most girls these days go for bikini waxing. You must remember though that dermatitis or allergies are common after waxing this sensitive area. You must consult your gynaecologist for for an anti-allergis cream in this case.
A permanent solution can be laser hair removal too.

Easy ways to avoid bacterial infections
The close proximity of the private part and urinary openings, and because of the smaller length of the urethra (about 4cm.), women are more prone for urinary tract infections as well. Transferring bacteria in this way can happen:
after having s*x.
if you are using vaginal contraceptive measures like diaphragm or spermicides.
if there is lack of proper lubrication during intercourse.
if you rinse the private area from back to front. This can cause transfer of infection causing bacteria from the an*l opening to the urethra.

Important things to remember for newlyweds
Newly married couples most often are unaware of the details of s*xual activity, and therefore naturally also about things to take care of. Honeymoon Cystitis or bladder infection is common in brides. This can occur after intercourse, or with the insertion of unclean finger, man-hood or any other object, from the anus into the v**ina. Simple precautions that can help you stay away from Honeymoon Cystitis are:

Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day is recommended)
Urinate immediately before and after s*xual activity to flush bacteria from the urethra
When you are ready to resume man-hood-v**ina s*x, consider applying a water-based lubricant to the vaginal area to ease insertion
Consult a gynaecologist or urologist for further treatment if the infection keeps recurring.

Not having to worry about these rather uncomfortable topics can be a huge relief! Keeping simple things in mind can make your pre- and post-wedding days all the more blissful. That apart, knowing the basics of maintaining your private part hygiene promises a healthy life overall too.

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