Nigerian Student Makes GPA Of 5.0 In USA, Scores 2,100 In SAT

A 17-year-old student at Oakland Tech in Oakland, Calif., who achieved a 5.0 GPA and 2,100 on the SAT, has received offers from some of America’s top colleges like Yale, Columbia and Brown, leaving some people in shock at his accomplishments.

While friends of 6-foot-1 Rastafarian, Akintunde Ahmad, are celebrating his hard work, the star student athlete notes in that he has also gotten used to surprised reactions when people find out about his stellar academic performance.
“People looking at me funny is so common that it doesn’t stick out for me anymore,” says Ahmad. “It’s something that I’ve gotten used to.”

Ahmad says he has received offers to attend college at Yale, Brown, Columbia, Northwestern, the University of Southern California, UCLA, Howard, Chapman, Cal Poly and Cal State East Bay, and has been wait listed by UC Berkeley and Georgetown.

Some private school students who’ve claimed that his achievements are due to easy classes and lower academic standards at public schools were silenced after seeing his SAT and AP scores.

Even though Ahmad performs well in a variety of sports, this year he chose to focus mainly on baseball. He played basketball for three years before making that move. He hits around 500 who approximately 15 stolen bases and expects to continue playing baseball wherever he goes to college, which is reportedly a toss-up between Yale and Brown.

These are the kind of news we want to hear about our people in diaspora, not killings, drugs and other vile crimes! Well done Mr Akintunde…

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