Ayodele fayose did not killed TUNDE OMOJOLA but was killed by ignorance…
Here is the details;
In the year 2004 during the councilorship election in ifaki Ekiti which it was said the candidate from the opposition party Alliance for Democracy (AD) was his brother in-law, it’s true tunde Omojola and ayodele fayose were childhood friends,but I believe in protocol in everything,the fact that Ayodele fayose he’s a very known person to Omojola but he should’ve observe the protocol because none of the security personnel with fayose then knew of their closeness or friendship (Ayo and tunde)
From reliable source,I learnt that Tunde Omojola strived to move closer to ayodele fayose before one of the security men hit Tunde’s chest with gun as part of his duty to protect the governor,Tunde fell down with heavy agonize but instead of his family in-law to rush him to the hospital to safe his life but they were lamenting saying they’ve killed their son in law and they were carrying him from one point to another before he was matched in his manhood by the heavy crowed before fayose saw him and he “fayose” instructed his security men to take him to the nearest hospital but what a pity “Tunde Omojola”kicked the ghost before they got to the hospital,and when they took the report of his death to fayose and he cried loudly that he lost his childhood friend.He then went to the hospital to withdrew the corpse and gave him mass burial.
The decease parent knew fayose very well that he can not kill his childhood friend,fayose cater enough for the parent and sibling of tunde Omojola’s family because he knows is his right,none of Tunde’s biological family talk of the incident because they know it’s of God’s will or wish,but it was said that two people which I will not mention their names on social network although one has joined the saint while one still alive from ikogosi Ekiti the native town of Tunde Omojola stood and took the matter to court of Law as the father of the decease which is best known to me is to add value to their political stand,well after series of findings and investigation the Ex inspector general of police Date 2008/4/5 clear fayose of complicity in omojola’s murder.why the report said there was no evidence linked Dr peter ayodele fayose with the murder….

Wriiten By : Sam Glamour

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