Why? That’s the trending question all over the state of Ekiti..
As Ekiti youth democratic alliance “EYDA” family,with the way our dearest state of Ekiti is being running for the past 3 and half years ago by the incumbent governor Dr Kayode fayemi and his cohort of All progressive congress is more or less what is called Colonial rules which only those in hierarchy have access to everything and few among his party member which we think it shouldn’t be because we believe in equal right and it should also top the list of every government and even masses should be considered, because government officials represent the state and the state is the masses,so why Dr Kayode fayemi never once consider the masses in his agenda? He’s paying 5,000 for old age people in his party,he refuse to pay students entitlement “BURSARY & SCHOLARSHIP”,less provisional of good job for the youths,he’s planning to eradicate okada transportation in the state,high cost of tertiary institution tuition fee,And still we learnt that he took loan of about #250b from world bank,if I may ask;what does the money used for. Yet he’s spending huge amount of money for his second term most especially the Nollywood artiste & musicians are they the one to vote him in?
Now we’ve deemed it fit to vote him out and bring back Dr peter ayodele fayose AKA oshokomole whom his past shows he’s a friend of the masses,he never once believe in only those in hierarchy but believe in equal right and open door politics and never find it too difficult to mingle with people of his fellow Ekiti and finally he will never DUROSOKE looking his people beneath eating rice with out salt…
We say YES to FAYOSE as the next governor of Ekiti state come June 21•••

Written by: Ekiti youth democratic alliance publicity secretary Sam glamour

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