WOOOOW :World’s First Sex School Costs £1,400 A Term

The world’s first séx school has caused outrage in Austria after teaching séxual positions and caressing techniques in a ‘hands on’ manner.

In every class at every school there is always one kid who never does his or her homework. That is, until the Austrian International Séx School in Vienna opened its doors.

We can’t imagine they have any problems in encouraging their pupils to partake in some… extra curricular activities.

Charging £1,400 per term the school offers hand-on lessons in seduction – and yes, hands-on means what you think it does.

Students even live in a mixed séx dormitory where they are advised to help each other do their ‘assignments’.

The headmistress – Ylva-Maria Thompson – is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a pórn star and presenter of an erótic TV show.

The 51-year-old said: ‘The emphasis is on how to be a better lover. Séxual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features. And we teach people hands-on.’

However the school has had its critics – TV adverts showing a couple having s*x have already been banned, with many claiming that the school is essentially just selling séx.

Anyone fancying studying abroad for a year?


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